NeuCoin Is A Bitcoin Alternative Designed for Microtransactions

Meet NeuCoin, a new cryptocurrency designed specifically to tip content creators and make online micropayments. It raised $2.25 million from dozens of business angels and signed partnerships with a few content distribution websites. NeuCoin explained me why we need yet another new cryptocurrency... Read more

Uber, Hotwire Execs Back Micropayments Startup NeuCoin

Micropayments startup NeuCoin has raised angel and seed funding from over 20 individual investors, including King co-founder Patrik Stymne, Uber SVP Emil Michael and Hotwire president Henrik Kjellberg. The announcement coincides with the official launch of Neucoin, a dedicated altcoin that aims to promote online tipping... Read more

NeuCoin raises $2.25M to be a headache-free take on Bitcoin

Today, NeuCoin, a new alternative digital currency, is announcing a raise of $2.25 million in investor funding. The fresh cash will help the company build its consumer-aimed crypto currency. The company wants to launch a crypto currency that is easy to use and well marketed — something that Bitcoin is not... Read more

NeuCoin Reaches 275,000 Users After Launch of Facebook Game and Jango Radio

In early February, NeuCoin launched a series of consumer applications - introduced the NeuCoin tipping technology through online music streaming platform Jango, and showcased an integration of NeuCoin on a popular multiplayer casual Facebook game called Solitaire Racer. The successful launch of the three consumer applications led to an explosive growth of the NeuCoin user base... Read more

NeuCoin Gaining 8,000 Users a Day; Will Halve Supply to a Billion Coins

NeuCoin, known as the “2nd Generation Peercoin Fork,” says it has reached over 275,000 users three months after launching its consumer apps and is acquiring more than 8,000 users a day, on track to acquire 2 million users by year-end 2016. NeuCoin believes mass user adoption can be achieved faster and with fewer tokens distributed than expected and the NeuCoin foundation also announced it will eliminate half of its coin supply and complete consumer distribution in three years... Read more

NeuCoin Makes Moves With Facebook Game and Tipping Platform Launch

Proof-of-stake altcoin NeuCoin will expand its reach with its latest move. Today, NeuCoin launches both a Facebook game and a tipping platform on acclaimed music streaming service Jango. These two launches, as well as the various other products in the works, are aimed at NeuCoin’s goal of reaching 1 million mainstream users during 2016... Read more

NeuCoin Integrated Into Music Streaming App Jango

I’ll be the first to admit that I was suspicious of NeuCoin when it launched. Their goals were lofty and in the altcoin world, that often foreshadows vaporware. But late last month, they released a feature NeuCoin has been hyping for a while, and it doesn’t disappoint. NeuCoin has been integrated into Jango, the popular music streaming app that competes with the likes of Pandora. Jango boasts over 7 million unique monthly users. With Jango integration, NeuCoin is given a mainstream usecase no other digital currency has. Read more

NeuCoin Launches A New Digital Currency for Online and Mobile Gaming

NeuCoin, the international digital currencies project supported by three nonprofit foundations, has launched its digital currency for online games, videos and music and has already listed the coin on two exchanges with more to come. NeuCoin is designed for use cases such as playing freemium games online or on mobile phones… Read more

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